Beyond Petroleum Equipment


As a solids control equipment of the third stage in drilling operation, desilter is used to remove solid particles of 20-44 µm in drilling liquid.

Vacuum Degasser

New Type Vacuum Degasser is solids control equipment for treatment of gas cut drilling liquid.


As a solids control equipment of the second stage in drilling operation, desander is used to remove harmful solid particles of 40-74µm in drilling liquid. Suspending particles can be separated from the liquid under the centrifugal acceleration, by use of working principle of centrifugal subsidence.

Shale Shaker

The shale shakers were solely designed and manufactured by our company but with the advantages of same international well-known products.

Jet Mixing Device

Jet mixing device is used to prepare or aggravate drilling fluid, change the density, viscosity, water loss of the drilling fluid. With the decive, the materials and agents can be mixed well.

Shearing Pump

QB Series Shearing Pump is mainly used in preparations of chemical medicine of oilfield.

Mud Agitator

Drilling liquid agitator is used to provide continuous and reliable agitation of drilling liquid in order to retain uniformity of drilling liquid and keep solid particles suspending. It is of compact structure, light weight, transmission balance, low noise, high efficiency and strong capability, because the reducer adopts turbine worm single reduction gear.


Centrifuge is the key equipment in treatment of harmful superfine solidoid in drilling liquid.

Sand Pump

DSB series centrifugal sand pump includes virtually all of the features of the JSB series pumps.
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