Beyond Petroleum Equipment

Air/Hydraulic Winch

Air winch is a single-drum hand-operated pneumatic winch powered by a piston air motor. It relies on compressed air as the power source, drives the motor, and drives the drum to rotate through the secondary gear reduction to achieve lifting and dragging of various heavy objects. Advantage: 1. Small size, light weight and strong mobility. 2. Stepless speed change can be realized, and forward and reverse operation can be flexibly performed. 3. Strong practicability and strong explosion-proof, especially suitable for various harsh working environments such as high humidity, flammable, explosive, rain and snow. 4. Large starting torque, can start with load. 5. With overload protection function. Hydraulic winch is a light and small lifting equipment that uses a drum to wind a steel wire rope to lift or pull heavy loads. The hydraulic winch designed and manufactured by our company introduces advanced Italian technology and further improved new products. Its structure mainly includes cycloid motor, hydraulic Normally closed multi-disc brake, planetary reducer, drum support and other components.
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