Beyond Petroleum Equipment

YZB-120 Hydraulic Power Station

YZB (YZC) series hydraulic power station is a hydraulic power source for drilling rig. The product has many advantages such as wide regulation range, convenient adjustment and strong versatility. Its series (water) cold combined hydraulic station, especially for desert high temperature area and continuous working condition, has the characteristics of compact structure, easy operation, large adjustment range, heat dissipation and heating functions. Motor and diesel engine drive type.

XQ Series Hydraulic Power

The series of hydraulic power tongs adopt inner cam rolling-up clamping mechanism, with a hydraulic backup tong. It is an ideal tool for makeup or breakout of various of tubings, and small sizes of casings and drill pipes in workover operation. The tong with extra long rod is available for backup tong to grip tubing body. The power tong also can be equipped with automatic torque control system.

ZQ DP Power Tong

The drill pipe power tong is an ideal oil drilling wellhead tools, widely used in marine, land drilling and workover operations on unloading column threaded operations. Use of this clamp can play safety, effort to improve the ergonomics of the role. The series clamp, open type, be free to disengage thecolumn, the mobile; set torque clamp and spinner clamp at one shackle on alternative catwork, ton.

TQ Casing Power Tong

This series of casing power tongs is a professional equipment for lifting all kinds of bushing.
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