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XJ-150 workover rig final inspected by Albania Client

XJ-150 workover rig final inspected by Albania Client


BEYOND F Series Mud Pump

In March 2023, BEYOND signed a contract with our Uzbekistan client for 4 sets of F1600 mud pumps.


New India Offer Signed

We signed this contract as in two F1000 pumps C/W Cummins KTA38-C1300 .


Beyond XJ150 Workover Rig

Recently Beyond signed a contract with our client from Albania for a XJ150 workover rig.


F series mud pump spares supplier

Our F Series Drilling Mud Pump is Triplex reciprocating pump, API Standard, Expendable Spares Internationally Compatible. Model including F-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600 and F-1600HL. F series mud pump is designed and manufactured strictly accordance with API 7K standard on the basis of Emsco F series mud pump. All its spare parts can be compatible with any other mud pump. Therefore, the pump is easy to maintain internationally.


BEYOND products-drill pipe mud bucket

Main technical parameters: Applicable drill pipe 2 3/8"~6 5/8". Inquiry notes: specification size, shoulder form, connecting thread.

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