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CY-2000 HDD Grouting Pump

The CY2000 Grouting pump is a three-cylinder single-acting piston pump with a compact structure, large volume, high power, stable discharge pressure and good performance specially designed for horizontal directional drilling operation. The pump can also be used for backfilling of the pit and other engineering fields. When the CY2000 grouting pump use φ180 liner, the rated displacement can reach 2000L/min, the pump pressure will be 5 MPa. When using φ130 liner, the rated pump pressure can reach 9.5 MPa, corresponding to a displacement of 1050L/min. The pump can be fitted with six different liners and pistons to output six different parameters to suit different operating conditions. Detailed parameters are shown in the table below. Such as crankshaft and hydraulic cylinder, are made of alloy steel with high strength, long service life and high reliability. The pump is equipped with a force lubrication pump for forced lubrication of the crosshead, the guide plate and each bearing; a spray pump is provided to cool and lubricate the liner and piston. The protection level of the motor used in pump unit is IP55, and the soft start cabinet is equipped with rainproof facilities to meet the requirements of rainy days. The emission standard of the diesel engine used in pump unit adopts the non-road III stage to meet the urban construction requirements. In diesel drive pump unit, the using air pump, oil pump and spray pump are all driven by belt or gear to meet the requirements of no power supply.


CY-2000 HDD Grouting Pump

CY-2000 HDD Grouting Pump

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