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F-800 Mud Pump

Our company F series mud pump is designed and manufactured strictly accordance with API 7K standard on the basis of Emsco F series mud pump. All its spare parts can be compatible with any other make pump. Therefore, the pump is easy to maintain internationally. §A -Three interchangeable forged steel one piece fluid end. §B -Threaded valve pot covers and cylinder heads. §C -Valve pot according to API # 6 §D -Discharge manifold C/W two 5 1/8'' -5000 PSI- API flanged outlets. §E -Suction manifold C/W two flanged ends. §F -Discharge pulsation dampener 5000 PSI W.P C/W all accessories. §G -Lubrication system : oil circulating pump installation (electrical driven, China-made) , with fresh water heat exchanger (oil cooling) , Magnetic oil filter , Cartridge type gauge. §H -Liner flushing system consisting of: §One independent pump electrical driven by a 3HP electric motor. (China-made) §I -Relief valve (JA-3 shear PIN type) 1500-5000 PSI W.P to ac ng tank. §J -Pressure gauge 0-5000 PSI.


F-800 Mud Pump

F-800 Mud Pump

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