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LR100 25M Pile Drilling Machine

LR100 Pile Rig Introduction:    1. It is economical and efficient, mainly used in media and small-diameter pile civil construction;    2. Diesel engine has load induction and output power auto-control; the fuel consumption drops 5-10%;    3. 5-level anti-vibration technology absorbs drilling vibrational frequency all-directionally to guarantee high stability;    4. The special lubricating system makes sure that it can work under high-temperature environment;    5. The removable and symmetrical structure design doubles the service life of rotary drive key;    6. Crowd cylinder has two operation modes-normal lifting and fast lifting to improve push efficiency;    7. Optional chassis incline alarm enhances construction safety;    8. Mast verticality auto-adjusting technology promises the pile accuracy.


LR100 25M Pile Drilling Machine Pile Drilling Machine

LR100 25M Pile Drilling Machine

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