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LR80 20M Pile Rig Machinery

LR80 Rig Pile Machinery: LR80 crawler type rotary drilling rig adopt pressurized drilling mode, enabling rotary drilling depth is 21m. It is matching the different specifications of drilling tools, pile hole diameter range up to 500-1500mm. It has high drilling efficiency, and after construction, it can quickly move to next working site . flexible, convenient and efficient, is a national high-speed rail construction-specific piling machinery equipment. This machine is applicable to soil, clay, fill soil, silt, silt layer, and some strata contain pebbles, gravel; widely used in high-speed rail trestle piles, slop shield piles, photovoltaic power station foundation pile, power grids, civil construction, new rural construction, municipal construction, landscaping and other projects.


LR80 20M Pile Rig Machinery

LR80 20M Pile Rig Machinery

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