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BEYOND Drill Bits and Bit Nozzles Ready to Ship


Drill Bits and Bit Nozzles

      BEYOND Drill Bits and Bit Nozzles Ready to Ship

A total of 44 drill bits together with a box of bit nozzles have been manufactured and passed the SGS test, packed and ready to be shipped to our customers’ site abroad.

The drill bit is the main tool to break and crush rock in the drilling process, and the borehole is consequently formed by the drill bit. It is one of the important tools for oil drilling industry. Whether the drill bit adapts to the properties of the rock and its quality plays a very important role in selecting drilling technology, it has a huge impact especially on drilling quality, speed and cost.

Cone bits are designed with different teeth and bearing structures,so they can adapt to various types of strata. During the drilling operation, the cone drill should be selected correctly according to the stratum to be drilled, it is also the key to achieving the ideal rate of penetration.

The cone bit is featured by a small contact area with the bottom of the well, high specific pressure, short working torque and long cutting edge. But due to the fact that the cone bearings and seals have a time limit for application, the overall working hours is constrained to a certain period of time.


Besides impacting and crushing the rock at the bottom of the well, the cone bit also produces shear effect on the rock. When the cone rolls at the bottom of the well, the teeth at the top are also sliding on the bottom of the well, forming a shear effect on the rock at the bottom of the well and scraping the bottom of the well like a drag bit.


Tri-cone bit is one of the best-selling bits in BEYOND PETROLEUM and widely accepted around the world with high efficiency and reliable operation.


Drill Bits and Bit Nozzles