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Beyond 3NB-100 Triplex Single-action Piston Pump


3NB-100 Triplex Single-action Piston Pump

Beyond 3NB-100 Triplex Single-action Piston Pump
3NB-100 triplex single-acting drilling pump is designed with optimized parameters and improved suction performance. It has features like advanced structure, small size, reliable performance, good compatibility, easy replacement of expendable spares, and easy maintenance. 

Max. Working Pressure 32Mpa, Max. Theoretical Flowrate 29.95m³/h while we take mechanical efficiency as 90% and volumetric efficiency as 100%.

3NB-100 Triplex Single-action Piston Pump’ technical and performance parameters:

BEYOND KEY PRODUCT: Reciprocating Pumps &Parts
To offer the best pump solution for clients baesd on their different working application, pressure and displacement etc.
●We can provide oil drilling pumps, water well drilling pumps, HDD pumps, high-pressure plunger/piston pumps, cementing pumps, etc;
●Can provide power, transmission, control and devices for the pump;
●Provide a full range of pump accessories, such as hydraulic cylinders, cylinder liners, pistons, valves, etc.
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3NB-100 Triplex Single-action Piston Pump,3NB