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BEYOND F-800 mud pump package in stock


BEYOND F-800 mud pump package in stock

Since BEYOND's establishment, our mud pump packages and spare parts have consistently remained our flagship products, owing to the strong cooperative relationships forged between BEYOND and our suppliers


Details of this set of mud package are: F-800 mud pump with Cummins C900 and Reastar gearbox


1. why choose the CUMMINS engine :

A: Cummins engines are known for their durability and reliability; they are engineered to maximize fuel efficiency, reducing operational costs for businesses and minimizing environmental impact through lower emissions; Cummins has a widespread service and support network, ensuring customers have access to maintenance, parts, and technical assistance wherever they operate globally.


2.NT-1041A Gear Box Features:

Max Input Power

736KW (1000HP)

Max Input Speed


Gear Nos


Max Output Torque


Input Connection

SAE 0#, SAE 1#

Outpue Connection

JB-285 JB-315

Distance to Middle



Same as engine

Cooling Way

Outside Cooler



Air clutch Control


Gear-change mode


Safety Factor


Working Period

24 hours/day

Designed Servicing Life

20000 hours



  1. F series mud pump features:

Our F series mud pump is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the API 7K standard of the American Petroleum Association. All its expendable parts can be exchangeable, Therefore, the pump is easy to maintain internationally.

F series mud pump is applied to the requirement of high pump pressure in oil fields and high displacement technology of well drilling with its solid and compact structure, small volume, and outstanding operation performance.


F series mud pump has a long stroke maintaining operation at a lower frequency resulting in enhancing the performance of giving water effectively and prolonging the lifetime of the consumable parts. The air-suction kit is advanced in structure and reliable in operation to reach the optimized absorbing target of air suction into the linepipe.


The equipment has undergone rigorous testing and is ready for delivery after painting.

Clients visit experiment is acceptable.

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F-800 mud pump