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BEYOND New Order of Swivels



BEYOND New Order of Swivels

On 6th December, 2023, Beyond signed the contract of 3 sets swivels  with our Uzbekistan client.

The main parameters of the swivel is as following:

  • Model: CH125;  Maximum load rating: 1250kN
  • Maximum speed of revolution: 300rpm
  • Minimum size of Swivel: 68mm
  • Angle between goose neck inlet and perpendicular: 15°
  • Maximum mud working pressure21MPa
  • Central tube lower end coil: 4 1/2 FH-LH
  • Lifting ring bending radius: R115 mm
  • Connect kelly threads: 6 5/8 REG-LH
  • Connection mode between goose neck pipe joint and hose: 4’’ High Pressure Union
  • Minimum ambient temperature of Swivel: -20°C
  • Dimension2385*660*650mm
  • Weight: 700kg

As the client required for the borehole diameter to be 75mm, our engineer change the design so as to meet the requirements, and gave out the new drawings. We are one-stop drilling equipment supplier, and can also do the customization with the accordance of API standards.




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