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BEYOND Shipping Newsletter-F1000 Electric Mud Pump Package


BEYOND Shipping Newsletter-F1000 Electric Mud Pump Package

On November 28, 2023, BEYOND Petroleum completed the assembly and inspection of the F1000 electric mud pump package. It’s currently preparing to ship to Azerbaijan.

We can offer unitized pump packages according to customers' different requirements:

1. For pump power, you can choose either diesel engine (Caterpillar, Cummings, JDEC, or any other brand you like) or electric motor (AC or DC).

2. For the transmission system, you can choose mechanical (reducer +air clutch +V belt), hydraulic coupling, or hydraulic torque converter.

3. For supercharging system, you can choose whether to install it or not. It can help to improve the suction effect.


Our company F series mud pump is designed and manufactured strictly following API 7K standard based on the EMSCO series mud pump. All its spare parts can be compatible with any other mud pump. Therefore, the pump is easy to maintain internationally.


As a one-stop drilling equipment supplier, BEYOND has been committed to serving oil, gas, and water well customers around the world. We welcome everyone to cooperate and communicate!

F1000 Electric Mud Pump