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BEYOND 2 sets F1600 mud pump shipped to Uzbekistan


BEYOND 2 sets F1600 mud pump shipped to Uzbekistan


On November, 2023, BEYOND signed a contract with our Uzbekistan client for the F1600 Mud Pump. And shipped in 26th Sep, 2023.

This pump used belt.


We can customize pump package for customers according to their different needs.


1) Electric motor (ordinary AC three-phase asynchronous, DC or AC variable frequency; asynchronous direct drive or permanent magnet direct drive);

2) Diesel engine (Jichai, Shangchai, Weichai, Chongkang, etc. are available; imported ones are available from Carter, Volvo, Cummins, etc.)

Different transmission type for mud pump

When the diesel engine is used as the drive:

Diesel Engine + Air Clutch + Gear Box + Belt Pulley + V-belt + Mud Pump;

2) Diesel Engine + Cardan Shaft +Hydraulic Coupler+Cardan Shaft+ Mud Pump;

3) Diesel Engine + Hydraulic Torque Converter + Cardan Shaft + Mud Pump;

4) Diesel Engine + Reaster Gearbox + Cardan Shaft + Mud Pump;

5) Diesel Engine +WPI + Belt Transimmison + Mud Pump;

When the motor used as the drive: belt or chain can be selected as the transmission method;

Electric Motor+Small Belt Pulley Assy+Belts+Big Pulley;

Electric Motor+Chain Wheels+Chains


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