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Beyond KHT Series Power Tong ready Shipping to Ecuadorian Client


Beyond KHT Series Power Tong ready Shipping to Ecuadorian Client

Shandong Beyond Petroleum Equipment CO.,LTD proudly announces that we have successfully supplied our Ecuadorian client with the latest model of power tongs. This product has won the favor of customers thanks to its excellent performance and unique design. Now we are preparing for its shipment.

I. Product Specifications

The key specifications of the power tong are as follows:

1.Applicable range

Master tong2 3 /8″--5 1 /2″

Back tong:  2 3 /8″--6 1 /2″

2.Opening size (master tong)

5 7/8″ (150 mm)

3.Tong head speed:

(@40GPM / 150 LPM)

High gear                   78 RPM

Second high gear             33 RPM

Second low gear              22RPM

Low gear                    9.5RPM

4. Torque   

(@2000PSI / 14 MPa)     

High gear            2500   N·m

Second high gear      5900   N·m

Second low gear       8800  N·m

Low gear            20000  N·m

5.Max Torque    

(@2250PSI / 15.5 MPa)

Low gear            22000 / 30000 N·m

6.Overall dimensions (L×W×H)

48″×33.9″×67.3″ / 1220×860×1708 mm

7.Torque arm

Master tong 750 mm/29.5"

Composite tong 542 mm/21.34"

8.Measured velocity ratio:



Master tong:1230 lb/ 560 kg

   Composite tong:2100 lb/ 950 kg

10.Specifications of jaw plates:


3.5″(88.9mm),2.88″(73mm),2.38″(60.3mm) and 6.5″(165.1mm)


II. Packaging Design

To ensure the safety of the product during transportation and enhance its overall image, we generally use wooden packaging, which is environmentally friendly and reusable. Additionally, if clients have specific requirements, we can also tailor packaging solutions to meet their individual needs.

In addition to the power tong, Shandong Beyond Petroleum Equipment CO.,LTD also offers a variety of drilling rigs, mud pumps, manifold systems, and corresponding accessories, fully meeting the diverse needs of clients in the oil drilling and extraction industry. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for our clients, helping them gain a competitive edge in the highly competitive market.

Shandong Beyond Petroleum Equipment CO.,LTD looks forward to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with our clients, moving towards a more prosperous future together.


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