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Oil drill bit product induction: cone drill bits


Oil drill bit product induction: cone drill bits

Oil drill bits are important tools for oil drilling and are used to extract oil during oil extraction. Their performance directly affects drilling quality, efficiency, and cost.

1. Cone drill bit:

The most commonly used drill bits in oil drilling and geological drilling are still cone drills.

1.1. When rotating, a cone drill bit has the functions of impact, crushing, and shearing to break the formation rocks. Therefore, a cone drill bit can adapt to various soft, medium, and hard formations. Especially with the emergence of jet type roller bits and long nozzle roller bits, the drilling speed of roller bits has greatly increased, which is a major revolution in the development history of roller bits.

1.2. Cone bits can be divided into milling tooth (steel tooth) roller bits and inlaid tooth (hard alloy teeth embedded on the roller) roller bits according to the type of teeth; According to the number of cones, it can be divided into single cone, double cone, three cone, and multi cone drill bits. The most commonly used and widely used triconel bit both domestically and internationally.

Insert cone bit   

Steel tooth roller cone bit

1.3 Structure of Cone Drill Bit

The commonly used cone drill bit is a three cone drill bit. The upper part of the drill bit is threaded for connection with the drill string; The tooth claw (also known as the palm) is attached to the shell and has a tooth wheel shaft (neck) underneath; The tooth wheel is mounted on the tooth wheel shaft, which has teeth to break rocks; There are bearings between each tooth and the tooth shaft. The water hole (nozzle) is the channel for drilling fluid; The oil storage sealing compensation system stores and replenishes lubricating grease into the bearing cavity, while preventing drilling fluid from entering the bearing cavity and preventing grease leakage.


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