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BEYOND Q1&Q2 Review Meeting and Team Building


BEYOND Q1&Q2 Review Meeting and Team Building

From July 2nd to 4th, BEYOND held a dynamic and cohesive team-building activity, which promoted team spirit and cooperation awareness among employees through a rich and colorful itinerary arrangement.

The activity started with the Q1&Q2 review meeting on July 2nd, where all BEYOND employees gathered together to review the work achievements and challenges in the first half of the year and look forward to the future development direction. In the evening, the team arrived in Weihai and started a three-day team-building trip.


On the morning of July 3rd, the team drove along the coast of Weihai to visit famous tourist attractions: "Good Luck Corner" and "Endless" in the Chengshantou. In the afternoon, the team visited the "BLUE WAYS SHIP" and Naxianghai Beach, enjoying the leisure on the beach and the cool sea breeze. In the evening, everyone gathered at the snack street to taste delicious food, which enhanced the communication and affection among team members.


The itinerary on July 4th was even more exciting and unforgettable. The team challenged the "Weihai Gate" Happiness Gate and Maotoushan Sea Viewing Platform in the storm. Feel the majesty and power of nature, look out at the magnificent sea view, and enjoy an immersive experience deep into nature. Fearless of wind and rain, move forward courageously.


This team-building activity not only allows company employees to relax and adjust after intense work, but more importantly, it enhances the team's cohesion and spirit of cooperation. BEYOND's leadership said that it will continue to organize similar activities in the future to create a better work-life balance for employees and promote further development of the company.