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Rock Directional Drilling Reamer


Rock Directional Drilling Reamer

Rock Directional Drilling Reamer


As a one-stop drilling equipment supplier, Beyond has the capability of supplying different kinds of drilling equipment, including oil drilling, water well drilling and horizontal directional drilling sectors. In the forth week of May 2024, Beyond signed a contract with the Indian client for supplying a batch of rock directional drilling reamers.



The rock reamers are used to enlarge the pilot hole in Horizontal Directional Drilling, and the followings are the key points of the rock reamers parameters:

  1. Specifications
  • Size of guide hole(mm): 710
  • Reaming Dia(mm): 865
  • Type of single palm: 12 1/4 YK537GLX
  • Lower & Upper connection thread: 6 5/8 FH
  • Quantity of single palm: 8
  1. Recommended parameters:
  • Rotation speed (r/min): 20-100
  • WOB (KN): 500-1200
  • Mud flow rate (l/s): Not less than 80
  1. Applicable formation:

Suitable for medium soft and hard abrasive interlayers with low compressive strength, such as hard shale, hard gypsum, soft limestone, sandstone, and interbedded dolomite.





Rock Directional Drilling Reamer