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Beyond Company warmly welcomes foreign customers


Beyond Company warmly welcomes foreign customers

 With the 24th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE), more and more customers are choosing to make site visits to China.To create a welcoming and professional environment for visiting customers, Beyond company focusing on personalized service, efficient logistics, and effective communication to facilitate successful business interactions.




In March, we welcomed visits from foreign customers from India, Ecuador, Colombia, Russia, Azerbaijan and other countries.Because the customer's schedule was tight, the BEYOND business team worked together to take the customers on-site to inspect the factory and inspect the goods through different routes. With efficient communication and careful visit planning, we took the Indian customer from northern China to the south in 3 daysvisited 3 factories in 3 cities;Took Azerbaijani customers to visit 4 factories in 4 cities in 3 days;Took Russian customers to visit 3 factories in 3 cities in 3 days.Customers are not only satisfied with the production and quality of the factory, but also highly praise the attentive service of the BEYOND team. It has laid a solid foundation for our future in-depth cooperation and improved our confidence in serving our customers unswervingly.



BEYOND company provides customers with one-stop purchasing services and can provide personalized customized services according to the needs of different customers. Foreign customers often need to spend a lot of energy to select the right factory. Due to the distance, they cannot inspect the factory at any timeat the same time ,to cooperation with new factories will also face many risks, such as unqualified goods and failure to guarantee delivery, etc. BEYOND company deeply understands the pain points of customers,with 15 years of work experience, we can select suitable factories in advance according to customer needs, especially trustworthy factories that have cooperated with BEYOND for many years. BEYOND Company will let customers quickly understand BEYOND Company through videos and PPT explanations, so that visiting customers can obtain information about BEYOND Company's advantages and the reliability of cooperative factories in a short time, thereby improving the efficiency of customers' visits and saving customers money and a lot of time.


During the on-site inspection of the factory with customers, the BEYOND team coordinates with the visiting factory in advance, arranges appointments, and ensures that there are technical personnel and product resources to provide customers with professional support and assistance during the visit. Everyone actively listens to customers' needs, pain points, and concerns. Arrange technical exchange meetings directly with factory technicians to communicate product details and customization requirements, and answer questions for customers.


AS a professional trading company,Beyond Company embodies those key attributes such as integrity, reliability, expertise, customer-centricity, and transparency, which collectively contribute to its credibility, success, and reputation in the industry.There is still a long way to go in the future. BEYOND will always insist on putting customers' needs first, provide customers with more professional solutions from the customer's perspective, and grow together with every customer by continuously improving its comprehensive strength.