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Electromechnical Drilling Rigs

Electromechnical Drilling Rigs is powered by diesel engines coincident with hydraulic torque converter which drives drilling winch, mud pump, automatic air compressor and energy saving generator by integral chain box drive.Power between power package, transmission unit and work unites is conveyed by cardan shaft. Drawworks equips with the auxiliary drive device to lift up and down the derrick, to automatic driller and boot up in emergency. K type derrick with assembling placed on the ground and raising/ laying down as a whole can equip with top drive; Box on box type substructure(swing-up type for ZJ50 and ZJ70 rigs) ensures conveniently disassemble and assemble, good stability and high safety. Rotary table is driven by Drawworks power through special rotary table drive unites or independently driven by AC VF motors.


Electromechnical Drilling Rigs diesel engines coincident

Electromechnical Drilling Rigs

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