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Tri-cone Drill Bits


Tri-cone Drill Bits

Tri-cone drill bits can be divided into milled tooth bit (rigid tooth drill bits) and insert tooth (tungsten carbide) bits. The milled tooth bits is suitable for softer geology, and the price is relatively cheap; the cemented carbide (tungsten carbide) forward of the insert bit is one of the hardest substances found by humans, so this type of bit is more suitable for harder geology.

Insert tricone bit is a kind of drill bit with wide application. It has the characteristics of adapting to a wide range of formations and high drilling speed. The three-tooth tri-cone bit is composed of more than 20 components such as cutting structure, bearing structure, locking element, oil storage sealing device, and nozzle device.

Features of milled tooth bit:

1. Cutting structure

The optimized tooth structure and high-quality wear-resistant alloy materials are more aggressive, and the performance of compression and abrasion resistance is better, which effectively improves the life of the drill bit and greatly increases the ROP of the drill bit.

2. Gauge structure

The tip of the palm is welded with wear-resistant alloy material, and the back of the palm is equipped with high-density teeth, which effectively enhance the diameter-keeping ability of the drill.

3. Bearing system

High-precision processed rolling bearings, the bearing surface is strengthened by high wear-resistant alloy and silver plating, which makes the bearing surface smoother, the friction force is smaller during rotation, and the service life is longer.

Product features of insert tooth bits

1. Cutting structure

Using new formula and technology of high-quality tungsten carbide, special top wedge-shaped inserts can more effectively break rock and remove cuttings, improving drilling efficiency and service life

2. Gauge

The palm-point trimming teeth and the palm-back gauge teeth can protect the drill bit more effectively, make the wellbore more regular and smooth, and prolong the life of the drill bit.

3. Bearing

It has high-precision sliding bearings with two thrust surfaces, ball lock mechanism, and the bearing surface is inlaid with wear-resistant alloy and plated with silver. It has strong wear resistance and is suitable for high-speed rotation during drilling.

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Tri-cone Drill Bits