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Mud pump and crown block parts shipped to Azerbaijan


Mud pump and crown block parts shipped to Azerbaijan


In June 2023, BEYOND signed a Mud pump and crown block parts contract with our client in Azerbaijan. The production and delivery were completed within 4 weeks.

This shipment contains Liner seal, Suction cylinder head seal, Valve body and seat,Bearing and bearing block, etc.

The client placed another contract for a batch of mud pump accessories, including ceramic liners, piston, etc. Still in production.

About the Ceramic liners:

1. Ceramic liners are widely used in harsh environments, such as deep oil reservoirs, hard formations, and offshore oil and gas extraction;

2. The service life is 5 times that of bimetallic lining, up to 4000 hours;

3. Zirconia ceramic lining has many advantages such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance and high hardness;

  1. Can improve drilling efficiency, reduce maintenance and labor costs.


And about the ceramic liners, we have F1600 mud pump 190mm liner in stock. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us








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