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BEYOND Mud Pump Package



BEYOND Mud Pump Package


The production of two sets F-1000 mud pump package has come to an end stage in this week. The Cummins diesel engine, Reastar gearbox and spare parts are all in place; and the pump packages are currently being assembled for pre-delivery testing.


Our core business is to offer the best pump solution for clients based on their different working application, pressure and displacement. Our key products include oil drilling mud pump, water drilling pump, HDD pump , high-pressure plunger or piston pump and cementing pump.


We can design and customize mud pump packages at customers different requirements. The follows are the most popular configuration based on drilling mud pump.


  1. Diesel Engine + Reastar Gear Box + Cardan Shaft + Pump


  1. Diesel Engine + Gear Box + Air Clutch + Belt Pulley + V-belts + Pump


  1. Diesel Engine + Hydraulic Coupler + Cardan Shaft + Pump


  1. Diesel Engine + Hydraulic Torque Converter + Cardan Shaft + Pump


  1. Diesel Engine + PTO + Belt System + Pump


  1. Electric Motor + Pulley System/Chain System + Pump


If you have any interest, welcome to contact usOur team will provide you with the best solution!