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Beyond Top Drive

Technical Features

1. The main drive system adopts two asynchronous electric motors dedicated to top drive with frequency conversion and speed regulation. The rotary power and mud circulation are set independently, which is beneficial to ensure the independent maintenance of the motors under the state of circulation in the hole.

2.ABB AC frequency conversion control device is adopted, which has a stable torque control function; Siemens programmable logic controller (PLC) is used to control the auxiliary system, which has multiple functions such as safety interlock, monitoring, and alarm, and the system is safe and reliable.

3.The top drive gearbox adopts a combination of forced lubrication, splash lubrication and labyrinth oil pool to ensure high-efficiency lubrication without depending on the life of the rotary seal.

4.The lifting system of the top drive is made of high-strength cast and forged parts. It is carried by the lifting ring, reduction box, bearing and main shaft during drilling operation; Avoid the impact load of tripping on the slewing bearing.

5.The pipe string processing device of the top drive has a 360° rotation function to ensure the buckle unscrewing and elevator auxiliary operations of the pipe string at any working position and in any working state.

6.The top drive motor is equipped with high-quality hydraulic disc brakes, which provide the top drive with super-torque braking functions through a large speed ratio reduction box, and provide stable zero-speed braking functions for directional drilling in oil and gas long hole sections.

7.The top drive backup tong has the characteristics of ball joint slips, built-in oil passage, split structure, and spindle guide, which are convenient for replacing the jaws and protecting the short circuit.

8.The top drive guide rail adopts the pin shaft connection method, and has a pin shaft anti-falling structure, the connection is safe and reliable, and the installation is quick and convenient.

9.The hydraulic power source is placed under the drilling platform, which is easy to maintain, repair and debug the hydraulic station and top drive body.

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Top Drive