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Introduction of the BEYOND’s Centrifugal Pump


Centrifugal Pump

Introduction of the BEYONDs Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pump mainly includes two parts: 1. Rotating impeller and pump shaft (rotating part). 2. A stationary component composed of a pump casing, a stuffing box and a bearing. During normal operation, the impeller rotates at a high speed. Under the action of inertia force, the fluid located in the center of the impeller is thrown to the outer circumference and obtains energy, so that the static pressure strength of the liquid flowing to the outer circumference of the impeller increases and the velocity increases. The liquid leaves the impeller and enters the volute, where part of the kinetic energy of the liquid is converted into static pressure energy. The higher pressure liquid then enters the discharge line from the discharge outlet of the pump and is transported to the required piping system. At the same time, the impeller center due to the liquid to leave and form a vacuum, if the piping system is suitable, the outside liquid will be continuously sucked into the impeller center, to meet the requirements of the continuous operation of the pump.  




BEYOND can provide TSC centrifugal pumps and Spare parts in a full range of sizes. The TSC HighlightTM centrifugal pump features a rugged design with heavy duty construction that reduces downtime and total cost of ownership for operators and contractors in today's highly competitive drilling industry.


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Centrifugal Pump