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Solids control equipment- Desilter


Solids control equipment- Desilter

Solids control equipment- Desilter

The desilter is mainly composed of a vibrating screen, a diverter manifold, a cyclone, and etc. The desilter is designed according to the principle of particle settlement.

As a solids control equipment of the third stage in drilling operation, BEYOND desilter is used to remove solid particles of 20ˉ 44 µm in drilling liquid. The desilter of this type, that has been reformed many times on the applications for years, is reliable in technical performance and provides very good treatment results. Itswater cyclone have a long service life and stable performance. It is applicable to various kinds of drills in the oilfields. The inlet and outlet of water cyclone can be connected very quickly, which is convenient for replacement and maintenance.

Solids control equipment- Desilter