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Shipment of BEYOND Valve Seat Puller

Released on Jul. 01, 2022


BEYOND received an order for valve seat puller, which was airlifted to Hungary BUD on 23rd June.

The valve seat of drilling mud pump is a vulnerable part in the valve box. When the valve seat is damaged, how to take it out is a very difficult problem. Many valve seats developed in laboratories can be successfully implemented under specific conditions, but they are often used in real life, and it is difficult to function in harsh environments.

Shipment of BEYOND Valve Seat Puller

In real life, there is no special tool to take out the valve seat, and the valve seat is often taken out by striking with a hammer, which is prone to mechanical injuries. Moreover, knocking may also cause damage to other structures in the valve box, increase maintenance costs and affect normal production. Valve seat puller is a maintenance tool. The purpose is to solve the above defects , and the valve seat can be conveniently taken out. Hydraulic puller is composed of oil cylinder, hydraulic manual pump assembly, fully threaded rod, pulling claw and pressure gauge. It is used to take out the installed valve seat from the fluid end module of the mud pump in the process of replacing the valve seat or maintaining the mud pump, which can complete the maintenance work more effectively with less manpower and shorter time. 

Shipment of BEYOND Valve Seat Puller

It is applicable to 3-WEB, 4-WEB and FULL OPEN seats of API # 4, API # 5, API # 6 and API-7:

1. EMSCO / BOMCO F-500,F-800,F-1000,F1300,F1600,FA-1300/1600,FB-1300/1600,


3. OILWELL A-560-PT,A-600-PT,A-850-PT,A-1100-PT,A-1400-PT,A-1700-PT,NATIONAL 7P50,8P80,9P100,10P130,12P160。

4. IDECO T-500,T-800,T-1000,T-1300,T-1600,

5. OPI-700HDL, PAH, etc