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Roller repair kit sent to Egypt

Released on Jul. 28, 2022


On July 20, Roller repair kit was successfully produced and sent to the client in Egypt.

The roller repair kit delivered this time is suitable for the WG type roller reamer. The WG type roller reamer is divided into two types: drill string type and bottom hole type, which have the functions of righting and trimming the well wall. There are three types of rollers: insert tooth type (B type), narrow front tooth type (T type) and wide flat tooth type (F type), which are respectively used for grinding hard formation, soft formation and medium hard formation.

Roller repair kit sent to Egypt

The models of WG type roller reamers are classified as follows, the client purchased the WG311 model this time.

TypeOD mmID mmThreadin
WG15515531.7NC386 1/8
WG20020038NC467 7/8
WG21221244NC508 3/8
WG21521544NC508 1/2
WG24424457NC509 5/8
WG311311716 5/8REG12 1/4
WG444444767 5/8REG17 1/2
WG558558767 5/8REG22
WG660660767 5/8REG26

Roller repair kit sent to Egypt

If you also have demands for a reamer repair kit, please let Beyond know the following information and We will quote you as soon as possible.

1. Applicable wellbore size

2. The connecting thread of the roller reamer

3. The roller reamer is suitable for the formation