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Improving & Upgrading Beyond as a full solution provider

Released on Dec. 15, 2021


An Uzbekistan client contacted Beyond Company for an urgent pump parts and screen needs on 2nd December. Even though with less time and more tasks to be done, Our company still respond quickly and solve problems, gaining the trust of clients to place orders.


Initial contact was made with the client, on 2nd December. From the start, they confirmed to us the scope of procurement and transportation requirements.

The scope of procurement was: mud pump F800 and F1300 cylinder liners, pistons, valves, and 6 kinds of specifications of vibrating screen. Considering the transportation cost, their transportation requirement was a 40-foot container. We spent the whole afternoon collecting and calculating weight, size and packaging plan of each accessory. After final discussion with the client that evening, we confirmed the final purchase quantity: 204 cylinder liners, 336 pistons, 1040 valves, and 900 screens.


With the confirmation of the purchase quantity, the next step is to stock up as soon as possible. On the 3rd, we inspected 5 factories through telephone communication and on-site visits, understanding the inventory status and production capacity of each factory. Through research and practical capacity allocation, we finally reduced the delivery time, which usually takes 30 days, to 15 days. Finally, on the evening of December 3rd, the two parties signed the final purchase contract.


At present, the contract is in the execution stage. we have established an efficient communication mechanism with suppliers to follow up the production progress at any time to ensure that all products are delivered on time.

In order to provide client with more reliable options and higher quality service, in the next step, Beyond team will improve the database of the supply chain and keep abreast of the inventory status of each supplier in a timely manner. In addition, Beyond Petroleum will also conduct an in-depth cooperation with clients. I believe that with the support of our new friends, warehouses for parts in Uzbekistan will be implemented in 2022.