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BEYOND 2-SLH150-55 Jet Mixing Device

Released on Sep. 16, 2022


On September 8, the jet mixing device was finished the production and packaged for shipment.

BEYOND 2-SLH150-55 Jet Mixing Device

Jet mixing device is used to prepare or aggravate drilling fluid, and is used in conjunction with the solid control system of oil drilling. When changing the density, viscosity, water loss and other characteristics of the drilling fluid, using this device, the drilling fluid material will be well mixed with the corresponding chemical additives, and the client will have evenly dispersed drilling fluid. 

BEYOND 2-SLH150-55 Jet Mixing Device

The jet mixing device usually consists of one sand pump and one jet mixer funnel connected with a manifold valve and installed on a base to form a single jet mixing device, or two sand pumps and two mixers funnels to form a double jet device. Safe and reliable performance, convenient transportation, installation and service. 

BEYOND 2-SLH150-55 Jet Mixing Device

Main Factors Affecting the Performance of Jet Mixer:

(1) The hydraulic loss along the mixing funnel should be minimized, otherwise the processing capacity may be greatly reduced.

(2) The gap between the nozzle and the venturi tube should be appropriate, and the distance between the nozzle and the venturi should be 32-90mm for the best efficiency.

(3) The back pressure of the outlet pipe should be moderate. Excessive back pressure will reduce the processing capacity of the mixing funnel.(4) The higher the inlet pressure, the greater the processing capacity of the mixing funnel.

(5) The higher the mixing funnel is installed, that is, the higher the back pressure, the lower the mixing capacity.

Supporting pumpJSB8x6x14JSB8x6x11JSB6x5x11
Motor power55kW45kW37kW
Discharge capacity240m3/h220m3/h200m3/h
Working pressure0.25~0.6MPa0.25~0.6MPa0.25~0.6MPa
Inlet diameter8"8"6"
Outlet diameter6"6"6"
Mixing speed≤100kg/min≤80kg/min≤60kg/min
Overall dimension2500x2300x1200mm2500x2300x1200mm2200x2200x1200mm