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BEYOND front steel plate spring shipped to the United States

Released on Jul. 15, 2022


On July 1st, 2022, BEYOND signed a contract with our US client for the front steel plate spring. The production and delivery were completed within a week.


The front steel plate spring is an accessory on the chassis of the truck-mounted drilling rig. A steel plate spring is an elastic beam of approximately equal strength composed of several alloy spring sheets of equal width but unequal length, and in most cases, it consists of multiple springs. The first and longest piece of it is the main piece, and its two ends are bent into roll ears, with bushings inside, to use spring pins to connect with brackets or lifting lugs fixed on the frame for hinged connection. The center bolt is used to connect the spring pieces and ensure the relative position of each piece during assembly.

BEYOND front steel plate spring shipped to the United States

In addition to the center bolt, there are several spring clips (also known as rebound clips) to connect the springs to ensure that when the steel plate spring is deformed in reverse (rebound), the pieces will not be separated from each other, so that the main pieces are not separated. Furthermore, it can prevent the lateral displacement of each piece.

BEYOND front steel plate spring shipped to the United States

Besides the buffering effect, the steel plate spring also has a certain vibration damping effect and also has the effect of guiding and transmitting force when arranged longitudinally. Because the steel plate spring can’t only bear the vertical load, relieve impact, but also transmit various forces and moments, and has a simple structure and reliable operation, most vehicles with non-independent suspension use leaf springs as elastic elements, which can save the guiding device. and shock absorbers to make the structure simple.